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Keep it FG Wilson with Genuine Parts from FGW Jenerator San. ve Tic. A.S. Don’t take risks…

FG Wilson Genuine Parts have been developed to fit and complement the other component parts of your generator set.

FG Wilson Genuine Parts… The Benefits:

  • Maximise the productive life of your generator set,
  • Promote longevity in the life of other component parts,
  • Promote efficiency in operation and in fuel consumption,
  • Assure the highest standards of safety and functionality,

Using FG Wilson genuine Parts reduces the risk of generating set damage that can result from the use of non-genuine parts, such as…

  • Rapid wear,
  • Compromised performance,
  • Poor reliability,
  • Higher oil and fuel consumption,
  • Component damage and failure,

Only FG Wilson genuine parts are covered by FG Wilson warranty.

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