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FG Wilson has some of the world’s most advanced generating set production facilities. These facilities include Europe’s largest fully automated hemi-anechoic chamber – providing state of the art acoustic research and test capabilities. At company headquarters in Northern Ireland, we have over 15,400 sq meters of factory space dedicated to the creation of Solutions products.

Our manufacturing processes include unique in-house design and production methods including exhaust muffler design, noise reduction solutions, control systems and finish paint processes.

Product Validation

A team of Product Validation Engineers conduct extensive prototype testing on all new Power Solutions designs ensuring compliance to customer specification and legislative requirements. Typical product validation programs include load acceptance, cooling, vibration, noise and water ingress tests.

Witness test facilities
We provide witness and special test facilities for testing open and enclosed generator sets with resistive load capacity up to 12mW and inductive load of 3mVA. High voltage testing is offered up to 5mVA at 13.8kV. In addition, we provide string testing – simulating the on site installation of a number of generators running with their associated equipment. We also offer cooling system performance, control system, vibration, sound and fuel consumption checks.

Our open generator set test facilities include :

  • 10 low voltage test cells capable of testing generator sets up to 2000kW
  • 3 high voltage termination cubicles up to 13.8kV
  • 10 cells equipped with natural gas supplies
  • 10 resistive load banks of 1200kW each – that can be coupled together to give 12mW total load
  • 2 cells with connection points to 3.125mVA at 0.8 power factor
  • 6 cells with air start facility

Our containerised generator set test facilities include :

  • 2 resistive “Sigma” load banks of 2500kW each
  • 1 inductive “Sigma” load bank of 1875kVA – that can be coupled to the resistive load bank to provide 3.125mVA at 0.8 power factor
  • 1 high voltage termination cubicle up to 13.8kV
  • 2 connection points into 12mW load in test cells
  • 1 connection point for air start facility

High Voltage test facilities :

  • 2 multi-tap transformers with 4.4kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 13.8kV load capacity, 2500kVA each
  • HV switchgear – 4 switches (3 gen-breaker, 1 feeder)
  • 3 test cells and 1 internal container test cell connection points

Cooling test facilities :

  • 1 cooling tower to reject 3.4mW of heat
  • 3 remote radiators 1600kW each
  • Pumps and pipework to connect customer supplied radiators