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345 - 620 Gaz 800 x 510

345 – 620 kVA range

345 – 620 kVA Gas Generator Sets

Offers reliable, durable, and long-lasting solutions, with low operating costs and cost-saving fuel consumption in places where mains power is not available. Rates of return that it provides in a short time in the feasibility studies conducted by the use of it for the cogeneration applications of the gas generators and of the energy costs of the plant, and of big saving in the energy costs of the plant are quite attractive.

  • Perkins 4006-4008 TRS series engines
  • Leroy Somer alternators

Some application area

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Industrial facilities
  • Airport
  • Biogas facilities
Gen Set Models KVA @ 50 HZ (*) KW @ 50 HZ (*)   PDF Brochures
PG345B3  345 kVA 276 kW PG345B3
PG375B3  375 kVA 300 kW PG375B3
PG450B1  450 kVA  360 kW PG450B1
PG525B1  525 kVA 420 kW PG525B1
PG620B1  620 kVA  496 kW PG620B1


Baseload (Continuous) Rating
These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power for full load operations. There is no overload available. The ratings represent the engine performance in accordance with ISO 3046 at reference conditions equivalent to those specified in ISO 3046/1 based on the use of natural gas having a lower calorific value of 34.71MJ/m3